Absolutely Everybody

Absolutely Everybody : Interbeing

Absolutely Everybody – Vanessa Amorosi
Everybody needs a little love and
Everybody needs somebody thinking of them
Everybody needs a little respect
And whatever it takes
I’m gonna get it

And absolutely everybody breathes
And everybody, everybody bleeds
We’re no different
We are all the same
Players in the game

Absolutely everybody
Everybody, everybody
Absolutely everybody
In the whole wide world

Everybody breathes
And everybody needs
Absolutely everybody

Destination Unknown : Renunciation, going forth, don’t know mind

Destination Unknown by Alex Gaudino
I left my job my boss my car and my home
I’m leaving for a destination I still don’t know

Follow me
And let’s go
To a place where we belong and leave our troubles at home
Come with me
We can go
To a paradise of love and joy — a destination unknown

When Love Takes Over : Love / Metta

When Love Takes Over by David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland
It’s complicated
It always is
That’s just the way it goes
Feels like I’ve waited so long for this
I wonder if it shows

Head under water
Now I can’t breathe
It never felt so good
‘Cause I can feel it coming over me
I wouldn’t stop it if I could

When love takes over, you know you can’t deny