Retreat theme song – Me myself I

Me Myself I – Joan Armatrading
I sit here by myself
And you know I love it
You know I don’t want someone
To come pay a visit
I wanna be by myself
I came in this world alone
Me myself I

Don’t wanna be the bad guy
Don’t wanna make a soul cry
It’s not that I love my self
I just don’t want company
Just me myself I
Me myself and I
Just me myself I

Through meditation we get to know ourselves really well. What are our habitual thought and emotional patterns? What do our bodies feel and what is our experience of the world through our senses?

Retreats allow us to get down and dirty on all the experiences of “me myself I”.

Why would we want to do this? Because the more familiar we become with ourselves, the more we learn to not take ourselves so seriously. It so happens that this is very good for us and for everyone around us as well.

To study the way is to study the self
To study the self is to forget the self
To forget the self is to be actualised in myriad thingsā€¦
– Eihei Dogen (13th Century Zen Master)